Gangland teen, 18, allegedly shoots two student rivals dead in Iowa
Two students were killed and a staff member injured after shooters opened fire at a Des Moines school founded by local rapper Will Keeps for at-risk youth. Three suspects have been arrested....more>>

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Third child strangled by mother suffering from post-componentum psychosis dies three days after his two siblings: Eight-month-old Callan succumbs to injuries after mother's assault at Massach utilizetts home while husband went to pick up food
date:2023-06-01 17:19 views:875
Authorities have confirmed that a baby boy who was seriously injured by his midwife mother has died....
Zelensky snubs Russia as he addresses 'G19'
date:2023-06-01 17:14 views:2577
Ukraine's president called on world leaders to end the war, and extend a crucial grain deal. ...
Deadly attack leaves whole of Kherson without power
date:2023-06-01 16:58 views:1984
Heavy shelling of critical infrastructure knocks out the power supply to the entire Ukrainian port. ...
Russian Nobel laureate 'told to turn down prize'
date:2023-06-01 16:33 views:2949
Yan Rachinsky, from human rights organisation Memorial, says the order was made by Russian authorities. ...
BREAKING NEWS: Sean Dyche IS the new Everton manager, with deal done for ex-Burnley boss to fight to save Toffees from relegation after Marcelo Bielsa said no... and with an announcement prepared today 
date:2023-06-01 16:16 views:2549
Sean Dyche is the new manager of Everton - and will take up the fight to save them from relegation with immediate effect. The club will confirm his appointment in the next 24 hours....
Wagner boss says he will pull troops out of Bakhmut
date:2023-06-01 16:02 views:1992
Yevgeny Prigozhin poses among dead mercenaries, blaming defence officials for lack of ammunition. ...
How Russia's 35-mile armoured convoy ended in failure
date:2023-06-01 15:20 views:2305
How Russia's plan to overthrow Ukraine's government ended in embarrassing failure. ...
Group turns Russian Embassy road yellow and blue
date:2023-06-01 15:16 views:576
The protest in west London comes ahead of the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. ...

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